Electrical Installation and Commissioning Services


Installation and Commissioning Services :

The testing, installation and commissioning of electrical equipment is a specialized task which requires that every installation is properly installed and tested by trained professionals. At Sumanth Electrical, we offer top notch services on every aspect of installation and commissioning of electrical systems. Our Electric Installation and commissioning capabilities go hand in hand with our customer driven objectives.

The entire erection, installation and commissioning process is a continuous process. The ultimate objective of the commissioning process is to ensure delivery to the client, has reduced cost of delivery and meets the requirements of being a fully operational system.

Our approach is to complete end-to-end solutions which results in reducing risks associated including cost, delivery, safety and procurement. We always take care of safety standards in our installations and that is one of the top most priorities for us. Our team conducts visual inspection, do various types of tests as well as take proper measurements.

  • We provide electrical installation, commissioning and testing support for all electrical equipments like panels, RMUs, breakers, MCCBs etc.
  • We provide relay testing support for commissioning and maintenance as well.
  • We support for pre-commissioning, testing equipment support for all electrical equipments.
  • We are considered one of the best service providers offering quality electrical installation in Hyderabad.
  • Protect your devices against overload and short circuits by using our well-designed and high quality MCCB circuit breakers.
  • We have expertise in electrical installation and testing of equipments.